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  • Hello! I really like your site – keep doing it better!

  • The display will be used in a Yamaha OPL-2/3 based music synthesizer

  • Display will be used for a home security system.

  • I could incorporate this in my home automation projects where I could still use a lot of LCD screens

  • I would love to use module as the display for a twitter feed ticker and clock!

  • The device would be well suited for a greenhouse control system.

  • Spectrum analyzer display screen

  • Display for info/debugging UAV

  • I would use your kit for my home automation status and control project. It would look great!

  • Personally, I’d like to use the display for an astronomical clock I’m building, but something like this (simple but temperature-stable graphics) might also be useful at the medical device company I work for.

  • I would like to use this display for an industrial control system…

  • I plan on using this display for a mini weather station readout!

  • Will use to use in the medical industry. A small monitor shows heartbeat, temperature and blood pressure.

  • I would use the display on a pulse oximeter/EKG machine I am designing. I would utilize the display to show pulse/blood oxygen over time, as well as current readings.

  • This looks pretty cool hope I get one.

    • Oh forgot to mention probably use it for a read out on an external hard drive like device.

  • Settings, feed back and basic results display for a photo spectrometer.

  • I’d use it as a status display for my car.

  • Control panel display for home automation system.

  • What would I use it for? Well, possibilities are endless. My plan is to create few code examples for MSP430 (LaunchPad) and post it on the 43oh site, so that anyone can use them in their projects.

  • Display will be used in a target controller prototype.

  • I would like to use this LCD screen to build an aviation calculator similar to EB6.

  • Display will be used for a water irrigation system.

  • The display would be part of my Music-synced fireworks display using the TI Launchpad. A menu system and a nice display would look great, and the VFD would really stand out at night time.

  • I plan to use the display in a ham radio station control system or in a piece of radio system test equipment suitable for the ham radio market.

  • The display will be part of a robotic lawn motor.

  • The display will be used in a target shooter training and evaluation system.

  • Display will be used in a ground based vehicle health management system.

  • Display for Hybrid/Electric Vehicle.

  • I plan to use the VFD in a multi zone thermostat

  • I plan to use with Arduino and Propellor boards for various display options.

  • This one would be cool to use in a weather monitoring system. Each line could have an icon for the different weather parameters monitored. You can use reverse text if something changes.

  • This would make a great carputer display (MP3 player and more).

  • I would use this display in my Online Smart Thermostat to display indoor and outdoor temp and humidity readings along with a graph of the outside temp. I plan on using a range sensor to determine if the user is standing in front of the thermostat and zoom out if so to display more information, than when they walk away it will switch to large characters to be readable across the room.

  • My application is a graphical user interface retrofit to replace the antiquated controls on a 1970’s-era rotational casting machine.

  • I plan to use it with an arduino

  • Will use the display for Home Security/Lawn Irrigation system.

  • I am designing a ground control station for UAV quadcopters and this display looks very promising.

  • Very interested in the abilities of this display and what better way to check it out then with this handy demo kit!
    Thanks Noritake!

  • I’m building a rain barrel monitoring system that remotely measures the water level and controls a pump for a garden irrigation system. This device is interesting to me because of its graphics capabilities and its ability to show the water level of several rain barrels.

  • This display will make a wonderful display for a robot that I will build.

  • I am planning to use the display for my internet information display device

  • I would like to use this display for an OBD II project I am working on.

  • It would make a fantastic display for my CNC mill conversion project. I have been looking for a bright display that could show current speeds, coordinates and general status. It would be great to have multiple switchable “screens”.. One could show stepper temps and current draw for each motor, another for stepper slew rate count and acceleration – I think I could pack it so full that it could use multiple displays!

  • I think this would make a great display for a cloud detector I’m building.

  • use as a display for my ir code detection project. Building a translator so as to receive commands from a remote then and translate and transmit a different code various functions vol+ vol- etc. using a pic16f57 because I have a lot of them. will dedicate on to the display and use a serial interface to send data to the pic driving the display from the pic analyzing the ir data.

  • I would use this display for a data logger for a heating/cooling system

  • I would use this display to show environmental conditions around my house. Temperature, wind speed/direction, etc.

  • This is a very nice looking display. It would work very well for a new printing system we’re starting to develop.

  • This would make a great addition to my OBD vehicle project.

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